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We make ideas flow.
We make ideas flow.

    Servo-assisted 2/2 way valve diaphragm valve

    Tipo 5282 / Nº identificación 184959

    Produkt-Foto Typ 5282

    La descripción de los equipos podría diferir del diseño específico actual.

    • Produkt-Foto Typ 5282
    • Produkt-Foto Typ 5282
    • Ersatzteil-Zeichnung Bürkert

    2/2-way-solenoid valve; servo assisted

    • Servo-assisted diaphragm valve with diameter of up to DN 65
    • Separating diaphragm for aggressive and contaminated media
    • Closing and opening times can be individually adjusted
    • Explosion proof version (Cat.2)
    • Service-friendly manual override

    Para poder seleccionar el equipo correcto, por favor revise en la hoja de información de producto, la información técnica, imágenes y notas para asegurarse que su uso se adapta a sus necesidades.

    Descripción del producto

    The 5282 valve is a servo-assisted diaphragm valve. A minimum differential pressure is required for the valve to function. Various diaphragm material combinations and methods of operation are available depending on the application. The standard brass housing satisfies all European drinking water requirements. The housing offering is completed with stainless steel and grey cast iron versions. The 3/2-way pilot valve can be easily converted from NC to NO functioning principle by rotating it on the armature. The solenoid coils are moulded with a chemically resistant epoxy. The 5282 is equipped with manual override for commissioning and testing. In combination with a plug in accordance with DIN EN 175301-803 Form A and stainless steel housing the valves satisfy protection class NEMA 4X.

    Códigos arancelarios

    Atributos técnicos

    Type 5282
    Operation de servocontrol
    Actuator type Núcleo pivotante
    Main valve operating principle Válvula de diafragma
    Switch function on/off
    Media separation Si
    Valve function B - Puerto de entrada 1 (P/NO) normalmente abierto
    Fluidic port connection number 2
    Valve function number of switching positions 2
    Valve function manual actuation Si
    Valve function manual actuation type Botón de tecla
    Valve function manual actuation stop Si
    Nominal pressure min 0.2 bar
    Nominal pressure max (liquid) 16 bar
    Main valve orifice 1 (P) (mm) 13 mm
    Kv value (water) 4 m3/h
    QNn value (gas) 4300 l/min
    Main valve wetted material Latón
    Port connection 1 type Rosca interior
    Port connection 1 thread type G
    Port connection 1 thread marking 1/2
    Port connection 2 type Rosca interior
    Port connection 2 thread type G
    Port connection 2 thread marking 1/2
    Pilot control material medium-contacting Acero inoxidable (1.4301)
    Seat seal material NBR (Caucho nitrilo)
    Sealing toward outside material NBR (Caucho nitrilo)
    Temperature environment max 55 °C
    Temperature medium min 0 °C
    Temperature medium max 80 °C
    Voltage / rated voltage 24 V
    Voltage / rated voltage 24 V
    Voltage tolerance negative 10 %
    Voltage tolerance positive 10 %
    AC voltage No
    DC voltage Si
    Battery voltage Si
    Rated power DC 11 W
    Reduced power DC 8 W
    Rated power consumption 8 W
    Electrical connection sort Imagen de conector forma A según DIN EN 175301-803
    Electrical connection number of contacts 2 + Conductor protector
    Electrical connection position arriba
    Protection type (IP max. with suitable connector) 65
    Coil type atornillado en bloque
    Coil insulation material (encasement) EP (resina de epoxy)
    Coil wiring overvoltage protection sin
    Coil wiring rectifier No
    Coil wiring polarity recovery diode No
    Thermal insulation class of the actuator H
    Nominal operation/Duty cycle 100 %
    Switch time open min 100 ms
    Switch time open max. 800 ms
    Switch time close min 1000 ms
    Switch time close max. 4000 ms
    Valve setting opening time Si
    Valve setting closing time Si
    Back-pressure-resistant version No
    Vacuum version No
    Analysis version No
    Oxygen version No
    Oil burner valve No
    Steam version No
    Pilot control seal material NBR (Caucho nitrilo)
    Low-noise version No
    Main valve with integrated screen No
    Installation length 65 mm
    Without mounting Si
    Valve construction Válvula completa
    Peso 0,916000 kg
    Peso 0,916000 kg
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    Hojas de datos

    Tamaño del archivo
    Idioma / País
    DTS 2/2 Way Solenoid w/ servo DV 324 kB EN / US
    DTS Solenoid Valve, NC, EEx 99,5 kB EN / EU
    DTS Solenoid Valve, NC/NO 190,9 kB EN / EU
    DTS Electrovanne, NF/NO 439,1 kB FR / FR
    DTS Electrovanne, NF/NO EEx 295,8 kB FR / FR
    DTS Magnetventil, NC, EEx 103,7 kB DE / DE
    DTS Magnetventil, NC/NO 275,4 kB DE / DE

    Manuales de usuario

    Tamaño del archivo
    Idioma / País
    MAN Approval ACP016 1,5 MB EN / EU
    MAN Operating Instruction 5282 680,9 kB EN / EU
    MAN PTB 03 ATEX 1030 X 1,7 MB EN,FR,DE / EU
    MAN UL-Version 125 kB EN / EU
    MAN Autorisation ACP016 1,6 MB FR / FR
    MAN Bedienungsanleitung 5282 686,4 kB DE / DE
    MAN Manuel d'utilisation 5282 693 kB FR / FR
    MAN Operating Instructions 1,3 MB PT / PT
    MAN Standard 852,7 kB DE,RU / RU
    MAN Zulassung ACP016 1,5 MB DE / DE

    Declaración de la UE

    Tamaño del archivo
    Idioma / País
    ABD EU-DoC|EU Declaration 3,6 MB EN,FR,DE

    Modelo funcional

    Tamaño del archivo
    Idioma / País
    3D_ANIMATION 3D-Animation - 5282 2,9 MB EN
    Artículo No.
    8360 Plug connection 28 mm
    8367 Plug connection 28 mm
    8376 Plug connection 28 mm
    Artículo No.
    01 162756 3/2-way-solenoid valve; direct acting
    02 624031 Wearing part set DN13 NBR MS