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Pneumatically operated 2-way Globe Control Valve ELEMENT

Type 2301 / Ident No. 239537

Produkt-Foto Typ 2301

The depiction of the products may differ from the actual specific design.

  • Produkt-Foto Typ 2301
  • Produkt-Foto Typ 2301
  • Ersatzteil-Zeichnung Bürkert

2/2-way-globe control valve

  • Excellent control characteristics
  • High cycle life and maintenance-free operation
  • Flow optimised body in stainless steel
  • Several Kvs value per port size due to removable trim kit
  • Control units can be mounted directly without external tubing

For selecting the correct product please refer to the technical data, images and notes for proper use according to the data sheet.

Product description

In line with Bürkert’s philosophy the construction of the type 2301 globe valve fulfils tough criteria for process environments. Unrivalled cycle life and sealing integrity is guaranteed by the proven self adjusting spindle packing with exchangeable V-seals. Each globe valve body can be fitted with up to five sizes of trim sets. These parabolic trims provide a reliable and repeatable characteristic to vary the flow. The control cones are available in either stainless steel or with a durable PTFE seal or PEEK seal for tight shut-off. Leakage class III, IV or VI are available. The design enables the easy integration of automation modules whether they are digital electropneumatic positioner or process controller. The fully integrated system has a compact and smooth design, integrated pneumatic lines, IP65/67 protection class and superior chemical resistance.

Commodity Codes

Technical attributes

Type 2301
Actuator version ELEMENT
Main valve operating principle Válvula de asiento recto
Valve piloting type neumático
Nominal pressure min 0 bar
Nominal pressure max 16 bar
Control pressure min 5.6 bar
Control pressure max 7 bar
Control pressure vacuum No
Temperature environment min 0 °C
Temperature environment max 60 °C
Temperature medium min -10 °C
Temperature medium max 130 °C
Kv value (water) 45 m3/h
Pressure Class (PN) PN 25
Pressure class (LB) 150 LB
CIP capable Si
SIP capable Si
Control function A - normalmente cerrada (NC)
Fluidic port connection number 2 unid.
Valve function number of switching positions 2 unid.
Valve function manual actuation No
Valve construction Válvula completa
Seat seal material PTFE (Politetrafluoretileno)
Orifice 50 mm
Body nominal size 65 mm
Body nominal size (IN) 2 1/2 pulgada
Valve body material Acero inoxidable
Valve body surface treatment internal no tratada
Valve body surface treatment external sin tratar
Port connection 1 type Brida
Port connection 1 size DN DN 65
Port connection 1 DN inch 2.5 Pulgad
Port connection 1 flange ANSI B16.5
Port connection 1 flange pressure class Class 150
Flow Bajo asiento
Actuator size 130 mm
Actuator material PPS (Sulfuro de polifenileno)
Control air connection material Plástico
Control air connection type Interfaz ELEMENT
Control air connection diameter (mm) 6 mm
Control air connection 1 pre-mounted no equipado
Control air connection 2 pre-mounted no equipado
Control air connection position en dirección de conducto
Control cone Si
Swivel plate sin
Actuator increased chemical resistance No
Actuator with larger stroke No
Actuator with reduced stroke No
O-ring between cover and bush No
Position monitoring via magnetic piston No
Position indicator sin
Seal nipple body material Grafito
Packed seal enclosed No
Vacuum version No
Additional manual actuation included No
Manufacturer´s test certificate 3.1 included No
Weight 20,340000 kg
Weight 20,340000 kg
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Language / Country
ABD EU-DoC|EU Declaration 1000290509-0_2301_EU-DoC.pdf 2,3 MB EN,FR,DE
DTS 2301-Cryogenic DS2301-2301-Cryo-US-EN.pdf 1 MB EN / US
DTS 2301-Standard-8802-GD DS2301-Std_8802GD-DE-DE.pdf 3,1 MB DE / DE
DTS 2301-Standard-8802-GD DS2301-Std_8802GD-EU-EN.pdf 3,1 MB EN / EU
MAN Supplement EX MA2100-CodePX15-EU-ML.pdf 240,8 kB EN,FR,DE,ML / EU
MAN Quickstart MA2301-Quickstart-EU-ML.pdf 1,1 MB EN,FR,DE / EU
MAN Replacement Instructions MA2301-Replacement-EU-ML.pdf 1,1 MB EN,FR,DE / EU
MAN Bedienungsanleitung MA2301-Standard-DE-DE.pdf 2,9 MB DE / DE
MAN Operating Instructions MA2301-Standard-EU-ML.pdf 2,8 MB EN / EU
MAN Manuel d'utilisation MA2301-Standard-FR-FR.pdf 2,8 MB FR / FR
SOW Control valve sizing tool - SmartSizer_5.0.12.8.zip 12 MB
Item No
01 252545 Seal set stuffing box DN65 ANTG P SP22
02 226973 Plug set DN50 PTFE
03 262203 Valve seat set DN65/50
04 252543 Stainless-steel guid. 2101N8-9/2301N7-9