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Sensor de flujo magnético inductivo, caudales reducidos

Type S051 / Ident No. 554321

Produkt-Foto Typ S051

The depiction of the products may differ from the actual specific design.

  • Produkt-Foto Typ S051
  • Produkt-Foto Typ S051
  • Ersatzteil-Zeichnung Bürkert
Commodity Codes

Technical attributes

Type S051
Temperature medium min -20 °C
Temperature medium max 130 °C
Pressure Class (PN) PN 16
Dynamic viscosity min. 0 cP
Dynamic viscosity max. 20000 cP
Sensor type Magnético inductivo
Magnetic inductive type Fullbore
Construction fitting Compacto
Fitting electronic interface para full bore
Min measured value of volume flow rate 0
Max measured value of volume flow rate 250
Measured value unit l/h
Diameter measuring tube (DN) 3 mm
Fluidic port connection 1 number 2 unid.
Port connection 1 type Rosca exterior
Port connection 1 thread type G
Port connection 1 thread marking 1/4
Port connection material Laiton
Measuring pipe material Acero inoxidable
Medium-contacting parts seal material FKM (Caucho fluorado)
Electrode material Acero inoxidable
Number of electrodes 2 unid.
Roughness of pipe inside 1.6 µm
Roughness of pipe outside 1.6 µm
Installation length 128 mm
Lining PTFE (Politetrafluoretileno)
Full lining No
Protection type Fitting/Sensor (IP) 67
Weight 2,100000 kg
Weight 2,100000 kg
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Language / Country
DTS Standard DS8051-Low-flow-DE-DE.pdf 1 MB DE / DE
DTS Full Bore Magflowmeter DS8051-Low-flow-EU-EN.pdf 1 MB EN / EU
DTS Débitmètre électromagnétique DS8051-Low-flow-FR-FR.pdf 945 kB FR / FR
DTS MID-Elektronik DSSE56-Electronics-DE-DE.pdf 786 kB DE / DE
DTS Magflow transmitter DSSE56-Electronics-EU-EN.pdf 971,1 kB EN / EU
DTS Transmetteur de débit / Contrô DSSE56-Electronics-FR-FR.pdf 800,7 kB FR / FR
MAN Full bore sensor-fittings MAS051-FullBore-EU-ML.pdf 624,3 kB EN,FR,DE / EU